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These Indoor Plants Are Sure to Boost Your Mood

Pristine Bedroom with A Pair of Ferns by the WindowHouseplants have, for some time, been a source of natural beauty and appeal, however, despite the fact that indoor plant trends have been coming and going, the benefits of including one or more houseplants indoors have remained steady. As it happens, there are a number of indoor plants noted for their ability to reduce stress, enhance productivity, and boost your mood. In actuality, a good number of experts consider that the unique properties of some houseplants can even help alleviate the symptoms of seasonal depression. These mood-boosting properties easily make acquiring houseplants one of the best things you can do for your personal well-being.

It is generally understood that all plants generate oxygen. In connection with houseplants, this could mean simply that they can effectively help freshen stale indoor air and even remove some of the common pollutants you may find in your Cedar Park rental property. Conceding that studies have proclaimed that you may necessitate over 600 plants to completely purify the air in a 1,500-square-foot house, keeping just a few plants could most definitely still produce measurable improvements in indoor air quality.

Quite a lot of the more popular indoor plants help boost oxygen levels and remove toxins like xylene, formaldehyde, and toluene from the air. The most common houseplants with exceptional properties to improve air quality include spider plants, succulents like aloe vera, the peace lily, lavender, and Boston ferns. A number of these plants, on top of that, come with a pleasant fragrance to boot.

An increase in air quality can have a direct effect on a person’s mood although houseplants certainly are able to make you feel so much better in several other ways also. Just simply being in the room with plants and flowers has been shown to reduce stress, improve concentration, and even soothe minor aches and pains. On the other hand, though the pros can’t exactly point out why plants have these healing effects, the prevailing theory suggests that humans have a need to connect with nature. When we do, the end is an increased sense of joy.

Granting that just the act of taking care of any houseplant can make you feel happier, several plants are actually better at it than others. As an instance, when trying to avoid a case of the blues, studies have exhibited that no plant does a better job than the snake plant. Recognized for its tall sword-shaped leaves and low maintenance requirements, the snake plant is both hardy and easy to grow. It is, for sure, one of the best houseplants you could retain to clean airborne toxins from the air. But more than that, it does something that other houseplants don’t do: it releases fresh oxygen into the air at night. Strategically placing one or two of these plants in a bedroom can significantly improve air quality, which may then likely result in better sleep and improved mood.

Another plant with proven mood-boosting qualities is peppermint. In studies conducted by neuroscientists, the peppermint plant has been shown to boost mood, memory, and mental awareness. The plant gives off that distinctive peppermint aroma that can make your kitchen smell great. Easy to grow, peppermint plants thrive indoors all year round provided that the soil is kept at the right moisture levels.

Whether you consider a houseplant to clean your indoor air, add natural beauty to your home, or to give you the feeling of satisfaction that comes with caring for living things, there is one thing your plant is able to do for certain. All in all, these benefits could help in adding a boost to your good vibe and be helpful so you can have more creativity and productivity in your daily life.

But what is a houseplant without a home? Real Property Management Lonestar isn’t only limited to helping owners but also making sure that we are taking good care of our tenants. If you’re inquiring about your next home, we urge you to browse our available rentals or contact us to talk with a professional Cedar Park property manager today.

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