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Color Psychology: Making Your Carrollton Rental Property More Inviting

Envision heading towards a possible home and noting that all the walls had been painted a garish magenta. Now, picture yourself walking into a home to find a beachy sand theme with a walnut brown accent wall. Which home seems more inviting?

Choosing colors for your Carrollton rental property can impact the overall appearance of the home, especially during the time that you have to rent it out. Different colors hold different types of associations, and there is no doubt that some colors are far more inviting to prospective tenants as compared to others. To create an appealing aesthetic that appeals to the majority, it is crucial to recognize and practice the underlying psychology of color to your advantage.

According to color psychology, every tint and shade has a significant impact on your mind (and emotions). Different colors carry different associations, and you can even forecast someone’s personality based on their favorite color(s). For example, blue is often associated with feelings of calm and peacefulness, while red often signifies energy or sometimes danger. White, the most common color selected for interior walls, is typically associated with light, cleanliness, and even safety, while shades in the tan and brown family connote reliability and stability.

This is why industry experts often recommend using light, neutral tones for the interior of a rental property. Walls painted in beiges, and light grays are very inviting alternatives to white and tend to pair better with personal belongings and décor. However, it is essential to remember that there is no need to stick to one color throughout the house. Different rooms may lend themselves to an appealing use of different shades of blue, green, yellow, or red.

Adding a blue or green accent wall to a living room could still mean a pop of color that is still relaxing, and not hard to change if your tenants end up not loving the result. In the kitchen, warm colors are generally considered more appealing, with yellows and reds among the most popular alternatives. Avoid intense or bright shades of these colors, however, which possibly will be interpreted as aggressive.

When it comes to bathrooms and bedrooms, the norm is to keep things neutral and add color through accessories. Colors in light or muted shades work best, but there is no reason to stick to beige. Gray, blue, and purple can blend well in a bedroom or a bathroom, contingent on the intensity of the shade. For example, a bedroom with gray walls may be nicely accompanied by an attached bathroom in purple, allowing both rooms to have a luxurious and even romantic feel.

Of course, there is still something to be said about clean, white walls. Some tenants prefer the “blank canvas” feeling of white, certainly the most versatile color. By painting walls or rooms any other color, you may risk losing tenants with strong penchants about their wall color. However, a soft neutral-colored wall with contrasting trim in white can give your Carrollton rental property an upgraded feel for a relatively low price. Such color combinations are equally nice-looking and broadly appealing, a reasonable concession between using color and helping your tenants more easily make the house feel like a home.

Decisions about paint color are an essential part of owning rental properties. But figuring everything out and still getting the new paint job done efficiently can be a challenge. Real Property Management Lonestar can help rental property owners like you feel more confident in your choices. By providing you with up-to-date market information and expert advice, we can help make the task of choosing paint colors one of the easiest items on your to-do list. For the experts in Carrollton property management, please contact us online or call our Austin office at 512-520-9060 or our Dallas office at 972-949-2000 for more information.

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