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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Financial Freedom: Investing in Plano Rental Properties for Early Retirement

Plano Woman Saving Change in a Piggy BankBy investing in single-family rental properties, early retirement is not only obtainable but also might be more straightforward than you reckon. If you have not thought about making use of real estate as part of your retirement income strategy, you might be losing an opportunity on the quickest route to financial freedom.

Obtaining marketable properties in Plano and managing them appropriately can, without so much trouble, emerge to be the most valuable attribute of a retirement plan. Real estate is also one of the ideal ways to diversify an investment portfolio, making certain that your complete retirement income is not wholly fixed to a volatile stock market.

It is a very well known fact that some of the wealthiest people in the United States became that way because of real estate investing. Anyhow, advances in technology and new business models have helped even small investors to take advantage of the power of real estate investing for real financial freedom. Real estate usually presents greater annual returns than savings accounts or even 401k plans and is usually much more stable than stock and bonds. What this specifies is that by investing in Plano rental properties, you are making your investment dollars grow in ways you probably had not taken into account ever.

An excellent rental property should pay for itself across the life of the mortgage. By taking advantage of rental payments to pay a fraction or the whole mortgage entirely and other expenses, obtaining a rental property costs an investor just slightly outside of the down payment in the long term. Any rental income over and above the fees can be put in place to replenish those funds or re-invested to grow a retirement fund even more. The moment when the mortgage is paid off completely, rental income can continue indefinitely. Formerly, rental rates go up continuously annually, which would essentially create an income that keeps pace with inflation.

Consequently, a well-maintained property may be able to continue to appreciate. This signifies that when the ideal time arrives to sell the property, you should get a lump sum payment in excess of the original purchase price. Assuming a 3.4% increase each year, a property would roughly double in value over 30 years, a sum that could then be converted into an annuity and provide an ongoing monthly income for another 30 years.

Always remember this basic representation: an investor buys a median-priced single-family home and puts 20% down. Monthly expenses would include average maintenance costs, insurance, property management fees, and property taxes. Monthly income would equal the market rental rate for the property. In today’s dollars, the monthly expenses and rental income from a carefully chosen rental property would balance each other out.

As rental rates went up the following year, the property would go from breaking even to positive cash flow, which would only increase in succeeding years. In this degree, rental property investment can essentially cover for itself beyond the life of the mortgage and grow to be a very productive source of on-going retirement income henceforth.

To realize actual financial freedom, it is normally required to purchase and operate more than one rental property. For actual rental property owners, there are preferences to leverage the equity in your existing rentals to do exactly that. Adding investment properties can help you retire earlier than you thought possible and, at the same time, increase your retirement income once you do. There are numerous lenders out there who cooperate with real estate investors hoping to buy and posses many rental properties, many of whom add superb services for investors of all sizes.

Numerous people are nervous about the time and effort demanded to look after rental property in the long run. But that is an old way of seeing real estate investing. Today, Plano rental property ownership can be hassle-free by hiring the best property management team available.

At Real Property Management LoneStar, we look for and screen tenants, handle collections and bookkeeping and take care of maintenance and repair requests. We also help maximize your rental income with market assessments and by setting accurate rental rates, ensuring your rental property remains profitable and in good condition for years to come. Please contact us online or call our Austin office at 512-520-9060 or our Dallas office at 972-949-2000 for more information.

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