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Should Your Plano Tenants be Burning Leaves?

A Rake Resting on a Pile of Colorful Autumn LeavesAutumn brings brightly colored trees and piles of fallen leaves. These fallen leaves raise the question of what to do with them each time they have been raked up. A certain popular disposal method is to burn the unwanted leaves. But as a Plano rental property owner, should you make your tenants burn their leaves? While burning the leaves will help dispose of them quickly and probably advantageously, it can likewise be a dangerous task to allow your tenants to bring off. By guiding your tenant to hear and learn safe and proper leaf disposal, you can better shield them and your property from damage.

All kinds of open flame carries a certain amount of risk. Though a lot of property owners think that they can minimize the risks by following certain safety precautions. For example, property owners who are organizing to burn fallen leaves surely oftentimes make ready to do so on a clear patch of dirt with no overhanging branches or power lines. They will moreover consider a day that falls within a permitted burn timeline set by local governmental agencies, when winds are calm, and keep a garden hose on hand in case the flames get out of control.

Nevertheless, even these cautions can cause property damage if the fire gets out of control. In dry conditions, even an insignificant amount of wind can carry sparks into dry foliage, sparking dry grasses and other materials that are often abundant during the fall. Open flames may additionally injure your tenant, pets, or others who just so happen to be close by, primarily if the fire turns out to be further than your property boundaries. If it follows that impairment or property havoc does transpire, as the property owner, you’ll possibly be held liable for medical costs, legal fees, and other related expenses. When included in the cost of the renovations you’ll require to do in your own rental house, the likely extra costs produce a huge risk that should strongly discourage you from permitting leaf burning as a disposal method.

The risks alone provide a compelling reason but there are more reasons that grant plenty of justifications to ban leaf burning on your rental property. As for example, the smoke from burning leaves surely produces toxic gases that can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, and even trigger respiratory distress in individuals with asthma or other conditions. Burning leaves is also bad for the environment, freeing those same toxic gases into the atmosphere that have been established to negatively have an effect on both local and global ecosystems. Acknowledging the drawbacks of burning leaves, some local governments have banned leaf burning outright. Others allow it, though limit it to certain months, designated locations, or to a certain size. Violating these municipal restrictions can result in fines and other legal consequences.

When burning leaves is a bad idea, you have to go in search of other safer ways to discard those fallen leaves. Other property owners certainly reduce the number of fallen leaves they need to rake by shredding them with a mulching lawnmower preferably. This manner can be useful to manage the number of leaves that must be removed by turning it into fertilizer for your lawn instead. Just in case your property is large enough, you could even take into account composting your fallen leaves in an unused corner far away from the house. You can, as well, hire a clean-up crew to rake and haul your fallen leaves away, which is a suitable preference nevertheless will require an extra charge.

However it gets carried out, it is imperative to secure that the fallen leaves on your Plano rental property are being raked up and properly disposed of. Dumping them all over the ground can perhaps cause safety issues while attracting pests and killing your landscape. Though leaf disposal must equally be accomplished in such a way that does not create additional liability.

At Real Property Management Lonestar, we can take on quite a lot of the more protracted, lengthy works – including leaf disposal – keeping you free to concentrate on other aspects of your real estate investing business. To know more practically what we can do for you, please contact us online or call our Austin office at 512-520-9060 or our Dallas office at 972-949-2000 for more information.

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