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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Inconsistent Income – The Problem with Housing Flipping in Round Rock

Round Rock House in the Midst of Remodeling ConstructionFlipping houses is indeed a very wonderful way to generate either active or passive income, nevertheless, the unhappy reality is that the income earned from house flipping is inconsistent, to put it mildly. Flipping houses is a high-risk investment strategy with truly great potential, though it’s critical that investors bring to mind that they will probably need to wait for months, or even years, for returns on investment from a single flip.

To mitigate risk and ensure a more reliable income stream, have you taken into account getting a few, maybe one or two, rental properties to add to your real estate resume? Round Rock rental properties are stable opportunities with long-term growth that are hardly matched by stocks or other retirement products.

While the popularity of reality television about house flipping has increased, these reality TV shows have created something of an unrealistic perspective on exactly what flipping houses entails. Notwithstanding, it is completely obtainable to purchase, remodel, and re-sell a residential property quickly and profitably in Round Rock, it’s relatively more common, however, to deal with hurdles and daunting mishaps.

For example, houses that are under construction tend to be targeted by thieves and vandals, resulting in costly financial loss. On top of that, bad weather, burst pipes, and a wide array of various inadvertent situations could result in expensive repairs that were not included in your original budget. In this regard, house flippers have to be educated and really prepared for both favorable and unfavorable cases.

When it comes to flipping houses, however, a best-case scenario flip does require various months of effort. The time involved in flipping a house can be extensive, starting from inquiring for your next property to securing financing, closing, remodeling, and in the long run listing the property available for purchase. Within the duration of this entire time – however long it may take – the property is not generating an income since the only profit an investor realizes from a flip comes after the property has sold. A few investors may be able to operate and manage multiple houses flip in a single year, yearning to bring on a substantial and steady income stream. But more often, houses are flipped one at a time, making it difficult to anticipate when that investment will yield results and gains.

This is why house flippers will greatly benefit from having more than one revenue stream. There are many opportunities in the real estate industry, however, the one that bestows the steadiest income opportunities are residential rental properties. Obtaining and renovating rental homes is a manner quite the same as flipping houses, moreover, there are additional clear benefits and advantages. For instance, when purchasing a home to make as a rental, investors can enlist the help of a quality property management company to do most of the heavy work for them.

When property owners appoint a company, as an example, Real Property Management LoneStar, they take in expert market assessments on all prospective and current rental properties in Round Rock, ensuring that investors have accurate information on rental rates, market value, and so on. Real Property Management likewise contributes connections to dependable home remodeling and repair experts, maintaining that every single labor undertaken on the property is carried about appropriately and properly the first time. The staff of professionals later markets the property and fills up vacancies with superb tenants in such a way as to endow investors with regular rental income while they concentrate their time on more significant endeavors.

When all of these advantages are combined together, it is sure and clear that employing a property management company is not so much of an added expense as it is a valuable asset to your real estate team. The team of experts and professionals at RPM LoneStar can make sure that obtaining rental properties is among one of the easiest real estate investments you’ve ever made, freeing your time to carry on other features of real estate business that you like better. For other beneficial information, please contact us online or call our Austin office at 512-520-9060 or our Dallas office at 972-949-2000 for more information.

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