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Top Amenities Tenants Look for in a Rental Home

Kyle Couple Using a Smart Security SystemWhen you own Kyle investment properties, it’s vital to know which amenities you should have to appeal to prospective tenants. The more attractive your rental house is, the easier it will be to rent and keep rented. But there are lots of potential amenities: which ones should you offer? While some trends come and go, there are a few amenities that top the list year after year. In the following, we’ll have a conversation about these top amenities that tenants are looking for in a home.

Air Conditioning

One of the first factors that tenants will check for when combing for a new rental home is air conditioning. This is mainly true in areas with hot summers and/or high humidity. If your rental property is in the north, where summers are mild, you should at least have a ceiling fan in the living room and each bedroom. Very few things can compensate for the lack of adequate air circulation in a home.

Washer and Dryer

Another amenity that renters want is the power to do laundry at home. It is a big hassle to haul laundry to a laundromat every week, especially for families with children. Many rental homeowners think that it is the tenant’s choice to bring their own washer and dryer with them, but many renters don’t own these appliances for different reasons. By having a washer and dryer in your rental home, you can make it much more appealing to renters who appreciate this particular amenity.


Another appliance that is a must-have for a rental house is a dishwasher. Washing dishes by hand is time-consuming, and few renters are prepared to go back to it if they’ve had a dishwasher in a previous rental home. Dishwashers are not only affordable but also help conserve water and keep the kitchen tidier. If you don’t already have one, consider installing a dishwasher in your rental home to boost interest.

Pest Control

A big concern for many renters is the potential for pests invading their rental homes. Very few renters are willing to pay for a home with insect problems, whether that be ants in the yard or roaches in the kitchen. By providing a professionally certified pest-free home, you will make your rental stand out from the many other homes prospective renters are likely to consider.

Alarm System

Security is a big concern these days, and so having an alarm system installed in your rental home might make sense for your area and target renters. Alarm systems can be expensive, but chances are you may be able to ask a bit more in rent each month to help cover the cost over time. An alarm system might be the big draw for potential tenants in high-crime areas, which enables you to rent your property out much faster. If a full alarm system is out of budget, make sure you have quality deadbolts, chain locks, and window locks installed in all exterior doors and windows.

Professional Maintenance

Many tenants have had negative experiences with Kyle property managers who don’t do regular maintenance, or if they do, take a long time to address even major problems. By offering on-demand, quality maintenance, and repair services from a professional, you may attract many tenants eager to avoid a repeat of such experiences. Even if you can do basic maintenance yourself, you may still want to consider entrusting your rental property maintenance to a professional management company. This will ensure that your tenants are well cared for while freeing up your time for other things.

Would you like more ideas about how to turn your rental property into one that tenants will be eager to rent? Give Real Property Management Lonestar a call, or contact us online! Our team works with investment property owners to improve occupancy rates, streamline the rental process, and ensure that your property is one that your tenants will want to stay in long-term.

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