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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Property Management Reviews

Here’s what our homeowners, investors, tenants, and others we serve have to say about Real Property Management LoneStar. And for the infrequent dissatisfied customer, we do our best to quickly make it right.


LoneStar - Dallas

Homeowners and Property Investors

“I’m not a big review person however wanted to give a big thanks to Cheyenne Jordan at Real Property Management LoneStar. I’m a first-time landlord and don’t live in the state of my rental so as you may imagine I have lots of questions. Cheyenne is wonderful in answering all my questions with patience and respect. As I become smarter in the landlord thing I look forward to our continued partnership.”

– David G.

“RPM Lonestar was managing my property for over 3 years and our experience has been the most satisfying. They are very professional and highly responsive taking care of both the landlord and the tenants. I would any day let them manage any of my rental properties.”

– Satya R.

“Used RPM Lonestar for a few years now, and to this point, RPM team has been very professional in handling any communications and activities making the experience great. I have connected with Cheyenne and Joseph whenever there is a need for any relevant task, and the RPM LoneStar team is very much ready to address any concerns and questions. They (RPM LoneStar) care for both parties and provide great accommodation to both sides as a managing party and has been really excellent team. Keep it up RPM team.”

– Yosief B.

“From day one you can tell Joe is a real go-getter. My last property manager had trouble getting my property to rent but within a couple of weeks, Joe had it rented. His employees are easy to work with & respond quickly. If you are having trouble getting your property to rent… try Joe.”

– Carol B.

“I highly recommend Real Property Management LoneStar.  My wife and I have multiple rental properties and we live overseas.  We have full trust and confidence in the RPM team as they have done an excellent job in maintaining our properties as well as keeping them occupied.  Through their web portal, we are allowed instant access to any documentation, on the properties, on a monthly basis.  We look forward to continuing working with them as our rental portfolio grows.”

– Keith K.

“These guys have been a major lifesaver for us.  They first took over management of our property in 2011 and managed to turn a bad situation around for us in a very short period of time.  We went from very low occupancy & negative cash flow to full occupancy & profitability in just a few months.  The efficiency & professionalism with which they work has always impressed me as has their portal & reports for owners.  Joe and his team have figured out the perfect balance between just enough meaningful communications to where I’m fully in the loop on operations without too much overload in detail. I would be 100% comfortable recommending Real Property Management Lone Star to anybody in the Austin area!”

– Ryan O.

“I own property in Austin and work all over the world in Africa.  Real Property Management LoneStar, has given me total peace of mind.  Coworkers of mine have tried to rent their property themselves and after seeing them dealing with late rent and repairs from halfway across the world I am so glad I have Real Property Management.  They are the best.”

– Linda

“The Real Property Management team is very professional in their approach to serving both the tenants and the landlord. They are proactive in anticipating possible issues and quick to react to any issues. Cheyenne is an excellent property manager and a joy to work with in managing my multiple properties.”

– Mark M.

“The team at RPM LoneStar are awesome – I recommend them to every rental property owner I meet.  My wife and I have a large rental portfolio here in Austin and we needed help! RPM LoneStar stepped in and helped us get everything in order in a timeframe that I did not think was possible.  Their communication is fantastic and the time and effort they put in have worked like crazy!”

– Alex C.

“I am a long distance owner using this property manager for 3 years now. I can’t express how happy I have been compared to my last PM. This PM has turned my two Duplexes around from losing significant money to turning a small, but consistent profit. I rate them very highly in the following areas:

  • Services – (ACH Payments, Online Statements/Receipts, Twice Monthly Payments)
  • Late Fee Management
  • Tenant Turnover
  • Increased Rents
  • Responsiveness
  • Availability

Seriously an improvement in nearly every area over my previous PM. Great Job!”

– Michael C.

“I have worked with Real Property Management LoneStar since the summer of 2011. They have kept my maintenance costs in check and occupancy rates high (upward of 98%) while providing competitive fees. They have earned my full confidence to manage my portfolio of investment properties in the Austin Area. I recommend their services.”

– Brad F.

5-Star Client Testimonial from Mindy J


5-Star Tenant Testimonial from Abbe O

“I was a tenant with them for a year and a half and we only moved because the owner wanted to sell. I would have loved to continue with RPM Lonestar because everyone there was friendly, helpful, and punctual but unfortunately, they didn’t have any available properties in my area. Repairs were always treated with urgency and professionalism by David and his crew! They even went out of their way to help us find another place and Cheyenne went to bat for us and bent over backward to make sure we got the perfect place! Everyone there was just so great!!! We miss them already!!!”

– Leslie M.

“Maintenance responds very fast and politely. David has a lot of knowledge and handles repairs very quickly.”

– Riyanni G.

“The maintenance crew is amazing. Very responsive and works hard to get repairs done quickly. We have had a lot of issues and repairs needed but David is always amazing and kind.”

– Paige L.

“Housing market is crazy right now, but Cheyenne was very helpful in helping me get my application fees refunded.”

– Sofia M.

“We had a great experience with RPM Lone Star, specifically working with Cheyenne. While the property we lived in was itself not the greatest, Cheyenne was incredibly responsive to make our experience living there the best it could be, which was probably the biggest reason we stayed for an extra year. She addressed issues we had with parking promptly, and when our water heater broke they had someone out the same day to fix it. Every repair request was dealt with promptly. We also received our entire deposit back in full when moving out. Granted, we did a thorough deep clean, but getting your entire deposit back is still practically unheard of, regardless of how much effort you put in to move out. When it came time to move, Cheyenne helped us find a new property that fit our current needs and even helped negotiate lease terms for us. I would definitely work with this company in the future.”

– Lyndsey K.

“Cheyenne was a blessing during the entire process. She was willing to meet with us on weekends to show us properties. I would recommend her to family and friends. Thank you again, Cheyenne.”

– Rebecca S.

“I was at this residence for three years and everyone from the front office to maintenance to the vendors were so friendly, professional, and responsive. I never had any issues with anyone there and in fact enjoyed every minute I was there. They went above and beyond to make sure all my issues were resolved and most of the time they were handled quickly. Thanks for everything. I’ll miss you all.”

– Evelyn W.

“Very responsive on maintenance requests. Worked with them on a renewal and it was a great experience. Only leaving because we were able to purchase a house. Would recommend to anyone.”

– Russell C.

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